New designers

People I loved because of their techniques and processes to make quirky products and niffty things.

Caitlin Beaver- Screen and digitally printed fabrics inspired by birds. Lynette Miller- Dyed fabric and yarns using dye produced from indigenous plants that grow and her home and insects that inhabit them. Sue turnton- Laser etched wood. Flora Hope- Creates fashion, textiles and accessories using traditional techniques alongside the concept of upcycling. Natalie Cole- Surface design including book binding and hand-cut techniques. Laura Higgins- Creates hand-cut/textured wallpaper. I love the ideas and textural techniques she uses. Sarah Matthews- Creates a selection of waterproof and tear-proof paper jewellery inspired by flight. The collection includes printed, pleated and folded neck pieces.
New designers

People I loved because of their beautiful drawing or interesting imagery

Kayleigh Sarah Moore- Animal print and illustration with additional embellishment.

Josey McWilliam- Interesting designs comprising of insect prints and quirky birds alongside other animals.

Rachel Corcoran- A graphic designer and illustrator.

Toni Lake-

Abigail Ryan

Abigail Ryan is the result between the collaboration of Abigail Percy and Ryan Bell. Abigail creates botanical pen and ink drawings which are digitally enhanced by Ryan to create these wonderful prints.

Joel Dewberry and Amy Butler

Joel Dewberry has wonderful prints and patterns or why not check out Amy Butler...


Favourite Textile Designers

Recently viewed...

After reading an article in crafts magazine on the Collier/ Campbell sisters, I became increasingly intrigued by their textile design.
As I am quite a traditionalist at heart I was particularly excited by their hand painted techniques, of course the addition of new technology had to come, however the hand made quality still remains. The Sisters began designing for Liberty's of London prints in 1960's, their prints are now well known and have even featured in collections in the V&A. They now have their own online store and sell fabrics, fashion and accessory items as well as interior products via high street and wholesale partners. Check out more here.

Charley Harper

Ok so after my inspirative trip to the degree shows I have been doing a little more research and generally having a look at things I like when I stumbled across a book "Charley Harper, an illustrative life"

Wow!! I love these prints...simply gorgeous. I'm starting to get my draw on after seeing these beauties.